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Hindi Film Music : Joke151 - Old Lady and The Almonds
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Old Lady and The Almonds

A priest decides one mid weekday to visit one of his elderly parishoners, Mrs Smith. He rings the door bell and Mrs Smith appears. "Good Day Mrs Smith. I just thought I would drop by and see how your are doing" The woman says, "Oh just fine Father, come on in and we'll have some tea."

While sitting a the coffee table, the priest notices a bowl of almonds on the table. "Mind if I have one?", the priest says.

"Not at all, have as many as you like".

After a few hours the priest looks at his watch and alarmed at how long he has been visting says to Mrs Smith, "Oh my goodness, look at the time. I must be going. Oh but dear me I have eaten all your alomonds. I'll have to replace them next time I visit."

To which Mrs Smith replied, "Oh don't bother Father. Ever since I lost all my teeth, it's all I can do just to lick the chocolate off them."

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