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Hindi Film Music : Joke231 - Do you want to get in the back seat.
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Do you want to get in the back seat.
A blonde went out on a date with her boyfriend to the movies. After the movie he took her to the lookout mountain and started to kiss her.

As things progressed they started fondling each other. Before long they were ready to make love. He asked her if she would like to get in the back seat.

She said "no".

As he was unbuttoning her and fondling her. He once again asked her if she would like to get in the back seat.

Again she said "no".

As more and more of her clothing comes off he becomes really hot and excited. Once again he asks her "would you like to get in the back seat?"

And again she says "no".

Frustrated he asks "Why not?"

To which she replies "I want to stay in the front seat with you."

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