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Hindi Film Music : Joke255 - Charging money for making love
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Charging money for making love
Jealously eyeing her next-door neighbor's new mink stole, the young wife asked how she had been able to afford such an expensive item.

"You probably won't believe it," her neighbor replied, "but I saved up the money by charging my husband five dollars every time we made love."

That night, when her husband tried to fondle her, the young wife, determined to get a mink of her own, promptly stuck out her palm and demanded5 dollars. Fumbling through his trousers, the husband complain that he had only $4.50.

"For $4.50," she rejoined subbornly," you can only sample my affection!"

After several minutes of extensive sampling, however, the aroused wife realized she would not be able to resist her husband's advances much longer. In a final attempt to mintain her newly acquired bargaining position, she whispered in his ear," If it's all the same to you , dear, why don't I lend you fifty cents until tomorrow?"

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