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Monday Off
One day, Little Johnny was sitting in class, bored as usual. It's Monday and Little Johnny was really bored. But this day, the teacher told them that she would be asking a question on Friday, possibly based on the weeks lesson, and anyone who got it right could have Monday off. The children, especially Little Johnny, were not paying enough attention in class.

This new test excited Little Johnny and for the first time, he really, really paid attention in school because he could really use a long weekend. Finally, Friday comes and Little Johnny really paid attention all week.

At last, the teacher says to the children, "Alright class, here is today's question. Remember, if you get it right, you can have Monday off."

Everyone's excited. "Now," she says, "how many grains of sand are there in the Sahara Desert?"

There is puzzled silence, and then a few children raise their hands reluctantly.

"Um, a million?"


"Um, a zillion?"


Of course, no one gets it right, so no one gets Monday off.

Now, Little Johnny can't remember this information being taught, so he tries extra hard to pay attention the next week. Finally, it's Friday again.

"Ok, class," said the teacher, "here's today's question. How many teaspoons of water are there in the Pacific Ocean?"

"Um, a million?"


"Um, a zillion?"


No one gets it. Little Johnny begins to suspect a devious plot, so he hatches a plan. He's going to get Monday off if it kills him.

Finally, Friday comes around once again. "Ok, class," said the teacher," here's today's question."

Just then, Little Johnny rolled two black marbles down the aisle and they bump into the teacher's feet.

"Alright," the teacher says, "who's the comedian with the two black balls?"

"Chris Rock!" Shouts Little Johnny. "See you Tuesday!"

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