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Coming to Work Happy
There were two men that have worked together for many years. One was a few years older then the other.

Every morning the older man would came into work at 5:00 as happy as can be, and he was always getting his work done faster than the younger man.

One day the younger man asked his coworker, "How are you so happy every morning and able to do your work so fast?"

The older man replies, "I get some every morning from my wife!"

The younger man says, "Wow, Every morning before 5:00?"

The older man says, "Yep, Every morning!"

The younger man asks, "How do you manage that every morning?"

The older man says, "All I do is say a little poem to my wife when we get up."

The young man asks, "How does your poem go?"

It goes like this ‘Blue eyes, Blue eyes, Eyes so true, roll on over so I can make love to you!" The young man is so excited, "That is all you have to say?"

"That’s it!" says the older man.

The next morning the younger man walks into the office and he has a black eye, and is covered with bruises and scratches.

The older man says, "What happened to you?"

"Well, I tried the poem thing, but that sh_t don't work on my wife."

"Did you use my poem?" says the older man.

"No! I tried to remember your poem and I couldn't so I made my own."

"How did your poem go?" asked the older man.

"I think it went something like this, "Nappy head, Nappy head, Face like a frog, roll on over so I can Love you like a dog!"

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