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Hindi Film Music : Joke481 - Studdering problem
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Studdering problem
Once there was a man with an extremely large dick, but, unfortunately, he also had a terrible studdering problem, so he could never get a girlfriend.

So he went to the doctor one day and said to him that he wanted something done about his studder. The doctor replied that he would have to take off his dick to relieve him of the studder. After a while the man agreed and had his dick removed. After the operation he was a smooth talker, but now he couldn't get laid because he had no dick.

So he returned to the doctor and tells him he would like to have his dick back, because he has a better chance of getting laid with a studder than with no dick.

The doctor replies, "S-s-sorry s-s-sir, b-b-but I c-c-can't d-d-do th-th-that."

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