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Hindi Film Music : Joke518 - Johnny's Birthday
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Johnny's Birthday
"Happy 6th Birthday, Johnny!" a banner said that was hanging in Johnny's living room.

"Yay me!" he thought. Then he went to his mom, who was about to get in the shower.

"Mommy, can I take a shower with you? It is my birthday."

"Well, ok. But don't look up or down." she replied.

In the shower, Johnny looked down. "Mommy, what's that?" "That' bush." Then he looked up. "Mommy, what are those?" "Those flashlights."

"ok." Then later on, his dad was about to get in the shower. "Daddy, can I shower with you? It is my birthday."

"I guess so but only today. And don't look down." he answered.

In the shower, Johnny looked down. "Daddy, what's that?"

"That is" "Oh, I have one too!"

"Yeah, that's right." his dad answered.

That night, Johnny asked his parents: "Can I sleep with you tonight? It is my birthday and there's a monster under my bed."

"Well...only tonight because it's your birthday." his dad answered. "And don't look under the covers, ok Johnny?"

"Ok." So they got into bed, and Johnny looked under the covers.

Suddenly, he yelled "Mommy! Quick, turn on your flashlights! Daddy's snake is going through your bushes!"

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