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Hindi Film Music : Joke528 - Heaven or Hell?
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Heaven or Hell?
This woman dies and goes to heaven. While waiting in line, she hears this terrible screaming and moaning. This disturbs her somewhat, so she tracks down St. Peter to find out what is going on. "Oh, that," he says, "that's just the woman in front of you.

They are drilling holes in her back to attach her wings." The woman is still a bit upset by this and is pondering her position when the screaming starts again.

This time it is louder and more blood curdling than before. She calls St. Peter over again to find out what is happening to the woman now. "Oh, that," he says, "they're just drilling holes in her head to attach the halo."

The woman decides that she wants out and tells St. Peter that she has changed her mind and wants to be sent to hell.

"Are you sure you want to go there?" he says. "It's a terrible place, you'll end up getting sodomized and raped and even worse!"

"That's okay" says the woman, "I already have the holes for that!"

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