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Important Person
A man drove up to the pope's house one day in a long stretch limo. The pope walked out and was about to get into the car when he said to his driver, "You know, I've always wanted to drive one of these things. The driver said, "You go ahead and drive it, your excellency."

So the pope goes up to the driver's side door, gets in and drives away. A little while later, a cop pulls him over for speeding. So, he rolls down the window and waits for the cop to come over.

"Yes?" the pope asks.

"Uhh... you were speeding," the cop says.

He didn't expect the pope, I'll tell you that.

"Well then I have to have a ticket, now don't I, my son?"

"Uhh... wait just a minute, your excellency, I'll be back."

So the cop, who by the way, was a rookie, walked back to his car and picked up the radio. The dispatch said, "Hello?" "I need Sergeant Jones." So the dispatcher lady transferred him, and the rookie said, "I need some help."

"Well, speak up, son!" the Sergeant said, "I haven't got all day, you know!"

"Yes sir. But I pulled someone over who I don't know if I should give a ticket to."

"Why not?" the Sergeant asked, "if he was speeding, then he needs to have a ticket.

"But this person is REALLY important."

"Is it the mayor?"


"Is it the governor?"

"No, it isn't," the rookie replied.

"Is it a senator? A representative?"

"No, more important than those people."

"Is it the president?"

"No, still more important that him."

"Then who is it?"

"I dunno," the rookie replied, "But the pope is chauffeuring him!"
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