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Different StandPoints

After a rather difficult case, Sherlock Holmes and his faithful companion Dr.Watson decided to take a camping trip.

Once finishing a fine meal and a bottle of wine they decided to turn in for the night. A few hours before dawn, Holmes nudged his companion and said, "Watson, Look up and tell me what you can deduce".

Watson did so and said, "Why I see millions of stars". Holmes said, "What does this suggest to you, good friend?". The Dr. thought for a moment and said, "I can deduce many things, Holmes..... from a scientific standpoint, the millions of stars visable suggest there are tenfold planets orbiting those stars". "Go on", said Holmes.

Watson though a moment more and continued, "From a religous standpoint, I can see that GODs works are wonderous and we are but a small part of his infinite plan. From a meteorological standpoint, from the clear sky, I deduce that tomorrow will be quite sunny.

So tell me Holmes, What do you deduce by this wonderous sight?". Holmes replied,"Watson, you idiot!!!! Someone stole our tent!"

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