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Heaven is Crowded
Heaven is becoming too crowded so St.Peter decides that only people who had a really bad day the day they died would be allowed in.

Soon after, a man comes up to the gates and St. Peter asks him to describe his day.

The man replies: "I was certain my wife was having an affair, so I came home early to catch her in the act. When I got there, I found my wife naked in the bedroom and a naked man on the balcony and I just flipped out. I tied him to the fridge and pushed it off the balcony. Then, from the stress and strain of the situation, I had a heart attack and died." St. Peter pondered for a moment, and then allowed the man to enter as it was a crime of passion.

A second man comes to the gate and is asked to relate his final moments. He replies: "Well, I'm out on my balcony sunbathing in the nude, when, all of a sudden, the floor gives way and I fall to the balcony below. The next thing I know, this man grabs me in a fit of rage, ties me to his fridge and pushes me off the balcony." St. Peter admits the man, thinking to himself that this is a lot of fun.

A third man approaches St. Peter and is asked about the circumstances of his death. He replies: "Picture this: I'm hiding in this guy's fridge..."

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